2017-05-06 River City Ballroom Gala Ball - ivorydigital


Where are the photos from the event I just attended?

Unless it was a public event, we'll default to keeping photos private unless the event organiser advises us otherwise. This is to protect the privacy of attendees. That means you won't even see the gallery in the list.

Please contact your event organiser (i.e. the person who invited you to the event) for a link to the event's photo gallery.

Do I have to pay for image downloads?

Your event organiser can give you a download password that will allow you to download all of the images from the event at the original resolution at no cost. Of course, you're also welcome to share the images on social media.

Do I have to purchase prints?

Not at all. You're welcome to download the high-resolution images and either print them yourself or take them to Officeworks. That said, Bay Photo does a fantastic job and will print onto a huge range of papers, metals, canvasses, wall hangings, mugs and even iPhone cases and it's worth your time to have a look.

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